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Missing Word Search has been created by Mind and Memory Books, it is copyright protected. No unauthorized use, revisions, or printing for commercial purposes is permitted. Schools, seniors, veterans, and community clubs may re-print for social or educational purposes.

How It Is Played
Missing Word Search Puzzle creates a new demention to this age old popular puzzle. Each of the blank squares in the puzzle contain an "X" in place of scrambled unrelated letters, common in conventional word search puzzles. This make the puzzle somewhat easier. However, all of the Mega puzzles are large featuring 35 to 90 words. This adds a substantial new and more difficult challenge.

Now for the real objective which is to find the missing word. There is one word in the list that is not in the puzzle, the player must find and record all of the words to determine which is the missing word. Mega Word Search can provide hours of brain stretching activity, helping one to maintain a healthy brain.

There are a large number of Mega Missing Word Puzzles on this web site, free to play. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

Gary Adams

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