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Join the fun. Enter your ten original trivia questions and answers on the subject of your choice. History, movies, music, television, entertainment, people, food, health, brain teasers, science, world events, sports, countries, cities, politics, or other interesting subjects.

All ten questions and answers must be related to the chosen subject.

Free books will awarded to those participants with the most interesting, creative (and educational) submissions. Most will be published on this web site.



1. Who was the TV comedian had great fun getting the other players (especially Carol) to crack up when he slipped in an unexpected funny unrehearsed comment.?

2. Which Beatle owned a toilet seat that played 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'?

3. Which attractive lady was a "FRIEND" then married and divorced Brad Pitt?

4. Which actor played the leading role in the movie 'Forrest Gump'?

5. Which actor won an Oscar for the movie 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'?

6. Which Las Vegas singing entertainer sang 'Danka Schoen'?

7. Who became the host of 'The Price is Right' when Bob Barker retired?



1. Tim Conway
2. George Harrison
3. Jennifer Aniston
4. Tom Hanks
5. Jack Nicholson
6. Wayne Newton
7. Drew Carey

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