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Books to Keep Your Brain Exercised


Gary G. Adams
Author and Publisher

I have spent over a decade presenting dementia programs and workshops
helping seniors to maintain brain health.

Puzzle Books

Word puzzles have never been more popular. They are challenging, stimulating and fun to play. For seniors our puzzle book provide the brain exercises which are most important as we age. Each book contains 30 to 40 pages, the cost only $9.95 per book.

Our puzzles are unique and creative, unlike other word puzzles you have seen. They include word searches, word matching, word creations, discover the formula, fill-in and trivia. Each book is based on a different theme. The answers are provided.

Solving assorted puzzles offers exceptional mental and emotional benefits. For those a little older, middle aged or younger the benefits of puzzle solving include enhanced memory, better cognative skills, improved concentration and better overall health.

Keeping the mind "Physically Fit" is important to one's health. If is a known fact that doctors and researchers encourage brain games and mentally stimulating activites that help maintain one's cognative abilities. Puzzle challenges can help awaken a lazy brain.

Dementia Prevention

These books provide a commonsense understanding of dementia brain disorders. The puzzles and trivia challenges are specifically designed to keep your brain young. Activities that can help prevent, delay and even reverse debilitating impacts of this devastating condition.

Exercising the brain is as crtical as life giving nutrients, water and oxygen. "Use it or lose it" is an accurate statement of mental funcion. Mental exercise helps in the prevention of brain altering diseases and building concentration and focus.

At age 65 One in nine people will have dementia, at age 75 one in six people will have dementia, and at age 85 one in three people will have dementia. Begin your dementia reversal brain and body exercises now. I have been producing live memory workshops for over ten years for senior's retirement residences, These are the kind of brain exercises you must do to avoid brain disorders and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes a day for a brain workout. And best of all, the exercises are fun and educational.

Book Distribution

All of the books and puzzles on this web site have been created by Mind and Memory Publishing. We suggest Teachers and Wellness Directors incorporate our books into their activities program. Our weekly (30 questions and answers) are sent to everyone free of charge. Send your request to the e-mail address below.

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